Monday, August 21, 2006

Psychic Threedux

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Blogger Bill said...

He also says of himself that others "experienced me merging with their experience in an almost uncanny way."

I've experienced this, or at least what I think he is talking about. It's like sharing my inner space with another soul. I feel lonely for this when it hasn't happened in a while, and when it is happening, I get to experience solitude and communion with a close friend at the same time.

In another Psychic dux page you wrote that Beebe said INFP's sixth position Ni is their access to wisdom and that this connection for INFP is a mystical connection. Did he explain that enough that you could flesh that out a bit more for me? When I merge with another, to me it feels like I go into my inner space, and from there I bridge to another's inner space. It's as if some unconscious process handles the logistics of the connection, because it seems to occur by itself. I have wondered whether my sixth position Ni might be responsible for that interaction, but that would be expecting an introverting process to extravert.

August 31, 2006  
Blogger Vicky Jo said...

Actually, on another page I wrote that Dario Nardi said Ni was the mystical gateway. I need to credit my sources accurately.

And, there you catch me in my achilles heel. I have not reconciled the propositions of both these theorists. In the first place, I don't prefer extraverted iNtuiting. In the second, I don't know how much of what you describe is the Idealist pattern (i.e., empathy), how much is introverted Feeling (getting to the archetype), and how much of it is Ne. I'm a little suspicious about what's being called what.

Furthermore, of COURSE you extravert your introverted processes from time to time. If I have a vision for [say] where to go on vacation, I'm gonna have to share it in order to make it happen. So then I am extraverting an introverted process. (Although I'll probably be really really nice about it, so it will be colored by extraverted Feeling. ;-D)

Dya follow?

August 31, 2006  

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